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Creating a first impression is hard, am I right?! I guess what I'd love to tell you is more about me an less about photography. My wife will tell you I am a very experiential person. I value those experiences so much that I have journals that fill a bookshelf documenting my 20s. In between those pages I have everything from receipts to pictures, even a snickers wrapper (it doesn't just cure hunger but homesickness too).  People have always had a pull on me, my grandfather left me with a beautiful sentimental thought about the people we meet: 

"Every face is the road map to every persons life story. Those lines and wrinkles on  our faces are the stories told and untold."

I miss my grandfather a lot he was a cook/diner owner in Rochester NY, and interacted with all walks of life. I think thats where I get it from. I think in life, passionate creative people are constantly trying to connect our heads and our hearts making our work not only fulfilling but timeless. Our lives and stories will always be memorable and lasting when we give those around us those memories.