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Biagio Dell'aiera

Photography didn't start in the most beautifully romantic way for Biagio. He states his father always had a Nikon 4004 camera on him at all times and loved the jarring sounds the camera would make. Curiosity followed, one day his hands found his father camera, opening the back exposing all the film inside. Biagio was 8 and hasn't forgotten that moment to this day.  

22 years later Biagio has graduated from the Rochester Institute Of Technology in Photo Illustration in Advertising Photography. As an extrovert Biagio is really alive working with people. Building Images that complement enviroment and subjects is where Biagio lives. Biagio believes that every face is the road map to everyones lives past and present and every photograph should speak to that persons uniqueness. 


Photo By : Harrison James O'Brien